Getting Tubby Over Thanksgiving!

3 cutting wheels, One bottle of argon, and 1/2 mile of discarded wire from a broke ass trigger.  “I got a feeling” now Justin will stop getting kittens caught in the fenderwells.


That Guy...



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4 Responses to Getting Tubby Over Thanksgiving!

  1. Nice blog man. Is that your is300 with the bn aero by the way? Man I love that kit. Car looks clean.

  2. Thanks for the kind words. Yes the one pictured in this blog is mine (Andrew). The other one with ABC wheels is from Washington.

  3. Your welcome, its builders like you I should be thanking!! Love to see a fellow iser Keep on posting man.

  4. RUROUNImidnight says:

    yes it is such a nice IS.

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