Two X’s are better than one!

Picked up this Cressida a few weeks ago. Its gonna be a great 2010 for the Essence collective.

Looking for at least 3 cars @ the next roadcourse event in late March and a shakedown in late January.

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7 Responses to Two X’s are better than one!

  1. Damn NUTS. I passed on a $1200 Cressedia a few months back all the way in California 80K miles 1 owner :(……… I shouldn’t have passed on it.

    Care to share what roof spoiler is on your IS?? I seriously love it. Looking forward to your future projects.

  2. Its a $50 ebay TRD knockoff actually! It turned awesome.

  3. Wow no way. That looks really good. Thanks for letting me know. That’s the best fitting rear roof spoiler I seen on an IS.

  4. mauro says:

    Whats the deal with the corner lights on the x8?

  5. mauro says:

    I meant cause in the picture it looks like they are all clear, stock ones have a little amber piece…

  6. chris says:

    almost as good as a turboII FC. jus sayin

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