Kouki Update

So I had a really productive weekend so far. Last night I got my new SR, S15 wink wink, in my car that I picked up a few weeks ago from a cool dude in Austin.

Got a few more goodies, water pump, thermo, and misc gaskets etc. to freshen it up a little although the motor looks super stock and clean which is good.

Today Andrew (BOXCAR) and I, picked up some dry ice at our local Krogers and went to work busting out the sound deadening to get ready for the cage, stay tuned! – Justin

That crap was about 50 lbs.

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5 Responses to Kouki Update

  1. sanghoonee says:

    ahahah damn i remember when i had to do all that shit with the dry ice for my 300zx… what a pain in the ass that was! keep it going looks good so far.
    and trust me i know what you mean about my.is rofl added you to my blog roll!

  2. hawaiian says:

    oh yes baby i love it 😉

  3. RurouniMidnight says:

    yeah bro!

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