Lexus Of [almety]


Frequently, there is so that inspiration it can arrive at the most unexpected moment. Specifically, so, there was with this automobile… when I it for the first time saw him!IMG_0573

I was on the competitions in drift… and [moimu] to look they were opened hundreds of machines, [serozno] of those sharpened under the drift. I love drift- scene and associated automobiles, but among hundreds Of nissan Of silva, one only IS immediately rushed into the eyes as the diamond against the background of black velvet.

Andrews, so call the owner of this IS300, acquired automobile year ago. He selected precisely BY IS, since this is one of the best machines with the rear drive wheels, for the daily trips. But as is known, many projects are based on the machines for the daily use, first on the enthusiasm, and then when this theme catches… machine increasingly more radically it changes with each new mode. So it was with Andrews, and it was not quieted thus far it did not bring the matter to the end.

In it as a result came out BY IS, which does not appear pretentiously, and it at the same time appears aggressively. The first which strikes – this aerodynamic underweight, precisely, to this made Andrews’s rate, after establishing very rare underweight from BN Of sports Of type OF THE II. This underweight makes the machine of of more aggressive, than any mean statistical IS. Picture supplement the mirrors Of ganador, the lattice of [raditora] from Altezza, [vetroviki] and the spoiler of roof.


The modifications of exterior, would be anything without the appropriate wheels and the understating. On the automobile is established the set of the disks SSR Of minerva: by dimensionality 18? 8.5 +30 from the front, and 18? 9.5 +25 from behind. I to say that understating – extreme, but because of the rolled out arches and the successful selection of the sizes of disks, line am wing smoothly it continues on the disks. [Vobshchem] of [koylovery] and correct arches – required of condition for the beautiful disks.


It is desirable to add that this automobile is not yet finished. Although [Endyu] it already almost finished with the exterior, remained only several primes: to paint over boot-lid, to establish LED the building of headlight, and more aggressive exhaust. 2JZ-GTE will be in the near future, just as the sport elements of suspension.



Andrews mentioned, that [vdokhnavlyalsya] by the stylish sedans of the commands Of nightwalkers, Spirant, and Team Of magician… and greatly hopes that also its command Of essence Of garage will be one of those, on whom look with the enthusiasm the same enthusiasts as it. But this will happen… and it will be this faster earlier than it is later.

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