Dyno DNA

So RD.3 of fabricated motorsports drift series was this past weekend and i surely had a blast. It was a fun filled weekend starting off saturday a media day at the shop Powerfab here in H-town. All the cool drivers showed up to take part in getting there car dynoed, weighed in and steering angle measured wow.

So the IS put down a whoppin 1-8-7 (murdered the dyno) lol but hey more power is going to happen soon in one form or another so be on the lookout for that. Besides lacking some of the larger HP of say Stews LS1 or Robert Turnbro’s 2JZ cressida the little IS300 that could really CAN get the job done when its all said and done and hey its all in good fun for us essence brahs. Plus it was still the sexiest beast in the building imo 🙂 -Justin-

My Z also put down a sort of lackluster power showing on the dyno 233rwhp/220tq but i blame the way it was conducted haha, they dynoed it in 4th and the 1:1 ratio gear should now be 5th since the 4.08 final drive install also they didn’t take it all the way up to redline but its a good base line for now to compare to later. I plan on getting back on the dyno when i tune my car with uprev software in the next few weeks but it will be at a different shop im shooting  for at least 260 but car feels great and runs excellent so no complaints. Also was pretty happy and kinda suprised with the weight of my car at 3130lbs not bad for Zed with 1/2 tank gas full interior, i was expecting about 100lbs more score.

Here is a few pics taken from the dyno day, buddy Thien Ngo took 90% of these photos must give props to him.

Irwindale UMAD?

…Cuz Aaron is still drifting

Epic race car swagger

Green lantern Angle

VROOOM …………………….say AHH AHH

Pics from Sunday’s drifting at ggp coming up soon.

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