2012- new look, new fun, new love

For many people, the start of a new year means a bunch of promises and pledges that last about as long as the NYE hangover. The TYPICAL one I laugh at is “This year I’m gonna lose weight and get fit” They hit the ground running, some even sign up for a gym membership, but most end up running out of breath after about 2 weeks. LOL

2012. Essence Garage is going to start the year right! Andrew’s IS300 is still fresh as ever. Making little improvements here and there. Justin finally has his Z33 dialed in and the typical Imran is still not ready. Having recently sold his beast of a S14 powered by a 1JZ, he is ready to get started on a new car- Z33. The goal for this car is just a clean, reliable drift car that is very streetable. This car will not get the race car treatment such as roll cage, switch panel, etc. Instead this will car will have A/C and may even keep the factory leather seats. We will update this blog as the car goes under the knife.

I leave you with a picture of Justin’s Z waiting on grid in the sunset

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