Holy Update Batman!!

Just realized that there hasn’t been any updates on the blog in months. Oooops. With work taking up so much time, we don’t get to play cars that often especially when you have to drive 15 min. just to work on it. I was waiting on 1 wheel to get repaired and 2 others to be delivered. Got some shitty tires mounted to do some test fitting. The fronts are spaced out to -10. Looks and fits real good but it needs a little more camber OR raise it up a smidge (sp?) to avoid rubbing. Rubbing is not racing in this case. The brakes look cool with the Weds. The rear, well, needs a lot of work. The ride height is all wrong which means I can’t figure out a good tire size and offset. I can’t lower the car too much becuase it will scrape titanium exhaust on Houston streets. NOT GOOD! I need to figure out a good balance. The previous tires on the enkei’s were 274/40/18 NTO1 dot approved competition. At $275 a pop, I can’t afford to run those. We’ll figure something out! Here’s some pics I took.




Test fit the weds



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