Lone Star Drift Round 3

Finally another update! Well we made it to another event at GGP for Round 3 of the Lone Star Drift Series. We all are pretty busy with our everyday lives but we always try our best to make it to local events whether we are driving or just to show support.

We began the morning with usual gas station stop to top off gas and to see if we could get anything to eat. Plus take a few photos.


Battle Ready


The Bruised Banana


Rep Yo Set!

Justin didn’t drive the event because he has some master plan about this little car he thinks is going be like his S14 or something like that. Plus he sold his car haha.

My day ended when I let Chelsea Denofa drive my car and blow through my spares…FML. Not to mention letting Justin drive and getting my new lip run over. So i rode with Andrew for rest of the day and helping him out with tire changes.

At the event, Andrew pretty much killed it. His driving keeps getting better and better every time he goes to an event. Plus on top of that, he was driving with a car full of people!!!


Rolling DEEP


Imran showed up fashionability late but he did get this really cool picture of him AutoXing the course lol

So there you have it. A short and sweet update of Round 3 from Essence Garage. Since this was my first time posting, I’m going to try to continue posting to keep things fresh since there are some new things happening within the team so look forward to future posts.


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