Holy Smokes! Drift Event

The gang decided to hit up a new drift event in Texas called Holy Smokes! at Texas World Speedway this past weekend. Even though Andrew was the only one that was going to be drifting, Imran and myself tagged along to see how this event would go. The night before and the morning of the event, the weather was nothing but rain. Brock White, the man behind the event, decided to close the event but let drivers that wanted to drive the course in the rain drive.

Not only was the track AWESOME but this event was surprisingly good with only a handful of drivers and not the best of weather. Andrew did very well and even got to tandem without a cage, which he KILLED IT on his following run for the 3rd place running. It was the best run of the competition and had everyone excited to see that kind of driving come out of nowhere. Unfortunately, on his lead run the clutch went out and was the cause of the 4th place finishing.

Overall the event was great and we cant wait until the weather is better and more people show up. I think that drifting at Texas World Speedway could be a premier avenue for drifting here in the Lone Star State.

Heading out



The Arrival

Free Parking

This was pretty much the coolest thing ever. Free PADDOX for all drivers!! It was very unique to see this available for drivers at a drift event but something that would be very appreciative in the community. I had to take some cool shots with the new iOS6 Panorama feature.

Banana in the Paddox


After a few laps, Andrew felt that he wasnt driving as well as he could because he was hungry, so we took a lunch break. Go to find out, he actually was looking air in one of his front tires and forgot to turn on his H.I.D.s lol

After lunch, Andrew swapped out tires and continued on his was of killing it on the track.

Imran the Spotter

When Andrew was finally allowed to have passengers, Imran and I decided to ride along but Imran forgot his helmet so he improvised…lol

3/4 of Essence Garage

At the end of the day, our friend Thien Ngo did a little photo shoot of The Bruised Banana and Andrew’s IS300

The Bruised Banana


No kits or lips


So after the event, Andrew invited us to come chill at the house and said that Justin would be joining us since he didn’t come to the event. We went to grab a bite at House of Kabob, where we met up with Justin. And whats not a good meal without dessert? Its not a good meal haha so we got some Italian ice cream at Poocomolo where we just chilled and let the food digest.

The whole gang!

After our ice cream raid, we went to Andrew’s house and hung-out. Doing the typical drifter stuff like car talk and Video Option D1 crashes haha. That night we decided to take the Lexus to our favorite place to eat…Taco Bell!!!

Wangan Run!!

The Last Dinner

And with that, we went our separate ways into the night after an excellent day of drifting, food and bros.




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