Boxcar Racecar

This weekend I talked Andrew into finally installing his longtube headers on the Altezza. I finally had a open weekend from school so I went ahead and drove down to Andrew’s for the day. Once I got there, I had to do an oil change on my car and figured i would lower the front a little more since the front of the car was jacked up already. After I finished, it was Andrew’s turn to start tearing stuff up. Eventually Justin showed up to not help at all lol


Removing the headers on the 2j was pretty easy and the install was fast. So fast that I didnt even get a chance to take pics haha





Like I said, the install was very simple and fast. The only thing that was we didnt have were gaskets so we made some.


When we finished and right before Andrew was going to start the car, Imran arrived with his brother to hear the beast come alive.

After getting cleaned up, we made a run to a local mexican restaurant so we celebrated with fajitas and cervezas on the  job well done.


The night was spent just like any other night at Andrew’s house, watching Option Videos or Drift Tengoku videos. It started to get late so I just crashed at Andrew’s house while everyone else went home since I live further then anyone else. (Thanks again!) Woke up early to meet a guy for some Z parts and went home with a nice little stash of aero to end an awesome weekend.


All in all it was a great weekend to see everyone and it felt good to get the wheel rolling for the upcoming season. Ideas are being passed around and its going to be an exciting year for Essence Garage!

– Jimmy

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