Another year….

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We resurrected for Final Bout 2 but now we are dead again….

1 year later….

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Well it happened again…not updating this blog like it needs to be, shame on us. Lets change that with a recap of our trip to Mineral Wells, Texas for the Mexican Standoff event!

So it began for me with driving all the way from Alabama since I recently moved there for work. The trip to Texas was 11 hours and over 750 miles one way, no trailer or truck. I drove the Z to the event and back. 



It was good to see everyone when I got there. It was a long day of driving for myself to get to Texas and I was exhausted so we called it a night. We had to get ready for the next 2 days of driving anyways! The next morning we rolled out to Mineral Wells Airport for the first day of Mexican Standoff.


First thing we had to do was to welcome out newest member Aaron but we all call him Pooter. He is driving an IS300 just like Andrew with similar setups and style with this being his first event.




So the first day was fun with hard driving and tons of seat time. We didnt take a lot of pictures because we were trying to maximize out time on the track but Im sure they are floating somewhere on the internet. And I did manage to destroy my Veilside Lip 😦


After that, we chilled under the tent and cooled down. Thanks to _on3l3g for the photo!




Break Time 




I think Mayday Mikey has some pictures and videos that he will post them eventually, just wait for it.  Sy took some photos too, thanks! We gave Yokoi some stickers and a shirt so he can rep Essence Garage while he is competing in D1!



Pooter was getting some points from Justin.



So anyways, we all went out for mexican food after the first day and it was delicious. 



After dinner, we ran around walmart and check out the “party” that was being thrown at the track. It didnt look too entertaining so we just headed back to the hotel for some good old fashion R&R.

The next morning we were ready to rip.


We found Mikey passed out in his car as soon as we got to the track lol 


Pooter was getting the hang of things by day 2!


We drove again all day which was awesome. Andrew was killing it all weekend and later even got Yokoi to drive his car!




There was a Team Tandem competition that Andrew and I  “competed” in but I suck at driving so we made it fun.




We drove until the sun began to set into the horizon. It was a successful trip. That Monday morning, we all headed out on our separate ways back home. It was awesome to see my friends again, drive with them and make memories. 





Boxcar Racecar

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This weekend I talked Andrew into finally installing his longtube headers on the Altezza. I finally had a open weekend from school so I went ahead and drove down to Andrew’s for the day. Once I got there, I had to do an oil change on my car and figured i would lower the front a little more since the front of the car was jacked up already. After I finished, it was Andrew’s turn to start tearing stuff up. Eventually Justin showed up to not help at all lol


Removing the headers on the 2j was pretty easy and the install was fast. So fast that I didnt even get a chance to take pics haha





Like I said, the install was very simple and fast. The only thing that was we didnt have were gaskets so we made some.


When we finished and right before Andrew was going to start the car, Imran arrived with his brother to hear the beast come alive.

After getting cleaned up, we made a run to a local mexican restaurant so we celebrated with fajitas and cervezas on the  job well done.


The night was spent just like any other night at Andrew’s house, watching Option Videos or Drift Tengoku videos. It started to get late so I just crashed at Andrew’s house while everyone else went home since I live further then anyone else. (Thanks again!) Woke up early to meet a guy for some Z parts and went home with a nice little stash of aero to end an awesome weekend.


All in all it was a great weekend to see everyone and it felt good to get the wheel rolling for the upcoming season. Ideas are being passed around and its going to be an exciting year for Essence Garage!

– Jimmy

Lone Star Drift Series 2013

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Just announced, the first round of the Lone Star Drift series here in Texas now has a date! We cant wait for the season to begin!


Happy New Year!

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We would like to wish everyone a happy and safe new year! See yall in 2013!

Lone Star Drift: Round 5

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A couple of weeks ago, the team headed down to La Marque, Texas for the final round of the Lone Star Drift series hosted by Fabricated Motorsports. For the first time in a long time, every driver of Essence Garage was drifting at the same event which was awesome to say the least. It would take too many words to describe how great the event and weekend was so we will let the pictures do the talking.


Early Morning Prep




Slammin’ Banana


The Stig


Iron Man?….



Big Wang

Smoked Out






We would like to thank all the photographers that did media coverage for this event!